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Ultimate Resurfacing Treatment

Ultimate Resurfacing Treatment

The ultimate treatment for skin texture irregularities effectively targeting acne scarring and open pores. Combining Radio Frequency technology with microneedling to give all round skin rejuvenation. This treatment softens scars, shrinks pores and creates a smoother, more even skin surface.   


Radio Frequency
Using radio waves to boost collagen without the redness of microneedling. Radio Frequency stimulates your skin to produce hyaluronic acid, a natural plumping agent.

Creating micro-channels in your skin that cause natural collagen production.

Fractional Radio Frequency 
Pulsing radio wave energy into micro-channels for skin texture and rejuvenation


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60 mins

Ideal for:

Texture irregularities
Mild to moderate wrinkles
Skin laxity
Open pores