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The next generation sculpting technology. 

We are the third clinic in London to be offering this revolutional treatment which combines Radio Frequency and High-intensity Facial Electrical Stimulation Technology (HIFES) to tighten skin and tone facial muscles without needles. The Radio Frequency increases collagen and elastin while the HIFES emits pulses to contract and tone your facial muscles resulting in less wrinkles and more lift. 


37% wrinkle reduction 
23% lifting effect 
30% increase in muscle tone 

LAUNCH PRICES (ends 1st April) 

£650 per session 
(usually £875) 

£2,200 course of 4 (recommended for best results) 
(usually £3000)

For optimal results, we recommend 4 sessions, spaced at 1 per week.
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20 mins

Ideal for:

Sculpting & toning
Sagging skin
Fine lines & wrinkles