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Lactic Acid Treatment

Lactic Acid Treatment

The Teresa Tarmey Lactic Acid Treatment was inspired by our signature TT facial. Having had 25 years within the beauty industry refining and developing the signature facial, Lactic Acid has been proven time and time again with incredible results. 

Our Lactic Acid treatment provides a gentle exfoliating action that suits all skin types helping to remove accumulation of dead skin cells clogging the surface that can cause breakouts and acne.


“For the last 25 years I have been refining and developing my signature facial, with a key component being the incorporation of a light peel or exfoliation. During this process I discovered the effectiveness of Lactic Acid and the incredible results it can produce. I then wanted to create an at-home safe and easy to use lactic acid treatment, inspired by my signature TT facial.”


Apply to cleansed skin in the evening three times a week
(not to be used at the same times retinol) 

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    50 ml


    Skin brightness
    Beautifully radiant, clear skin
    Moisture retention for smoother, softer skin
    Removes dead skin cells for a brighter, clearer complexion
    Aids moisture retention
    Gentle and suitable for all skin types


    Aqua (Water)
    Lactic Acid
    Phenoxyethano L
    Xanthan Gum

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