10 Minutes With Teresa Tarmey

21 August 2019Published by Amanda Harrington

What was it about skincare that made you fall in love with it?

I don’t think it there was one particular element, to me skincare encompasses so many things – I’ve always been an advocate for hands on treatments, lasers and nutrition. Over the last few years I’ve become so passionate about formulating products, with all the key ingredients, to help rejuvenate skin and give it the care and love it deserve – products and treatments that actually do work!

With tan, products like retinol and acids can cause the tan to mottle on the skin. Ahl have created a skin care line that is tan-compatible, but are there any products from your range that would also be compatible with the tan?

It is genius to launch a tan-compatible skincare line, bravo AHL! All of my products work well with the tanning range, I would say a favourite is my Hyaluronic Acid Gel – this helps plump the skin with moisture.

What is your favourite product from the ahl range?

I love them all, but my favourite has to be The Face Set – it’s such a well thought out kit.

What facial would you recommend having before applying sunless tan?

My signature facials – they combine lactic to brighten, radio frequency to sculpt, cryoball to de-puff and tighten, followed by LED. It’s my go-to red carpet facial I give all my clients.

Protecting your skin from uv rays is so important but spfs often include oils, which can break down the tan on your face, what are you favourite oil free spfs?

Heliocare is my all-time favourite and, they have an oil-free range – perfect to use alongside your tan without making it patchy.

How can we ensure that our skin is glowing 365 days of the year?

Staying hydrated from the inside out – always!

What tips do you have for those suffering with adult acne or have marks on their skin that they would like to cover?

Hydration is key, drying skin out makes skin look worse. My microneedling kit works wonders for marks and gives the skin a more even tone.

10 Minutes With Teresa Tarmey
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