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FaceStim Facial

FaceStim Facial

FACESTIM® is the first individualised solution for treatment of the skin and the tonification of the face muscles with minimal downtime.  Everyone can benefit from having less wrinkles and more lift.


The Ultimate Cleanse
Specialist removal of skin impurities with massage.

Radio Frequency
Using radio waves to boost collagen without the redness of microneedling. Radio Frequency stimulates your skin to produce hyaluronic acid, a natural plumping agent.

FACESTIM® uses bipolar radiofrequency and muscle contractions based on diatermocontraction. This combines diathermy (deep thermal heating)and deep muscle contraction that can reach the deeper layers of the muscles without causing any side effects. Radiofrequency generates heat in the tissue, resulting in collagen denaturation. This helps produce new collagen formation that can help with tissue remodeling and shrinking of the lax connective tissue.

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55 mins

Ideal for:

Simultaneous activation of face muscles
Increase of collagen and elastin
Lifting effect without the use of needles
Longlasting and immediate effects

Recommended use:

Course of 6: £1,795