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Advanced Skin Resurfacing

Advanced Skin Resurfacing

Opus is the ultimate non-invasive Radio Frequency platform for skin resurfacing and face tightening. Featuring Fractional Radio Frequency technology and the unique Opus Plasma® applicator, it addresses a variety of textural and skin quality concerns - from simple to complex - with minimal downtime and stellar results.

Opus Plasma®, is the first-of-its-kind Fractional Plasma® technology to enter the skin resurfacing market and is revolutionising treatments with its quick and effective results. Operating at a high frequency (over 40 MHz), the Opus Plasma® charges metal studs on the tips of the applicator to a high Radio Frequency voltage. Similar to how microneedling works, this kickstarts the natural healing process and boosts collagen production through a wound healing response to produce a new skin surface - but with no sharp invasive needles.

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45 mins

Treatment notes:

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Online booking slots with Teresa are currently limited. For more options, please contact the clinic directly.


Smooths & evens acne scars & bumps
Helps smooth wrinkles & fine lines
Boosts collagen, improves skin texture & tightens the skin
Suitable for all skin types & colours

Recommended use:

Course of 3 Face or Neck: £1,490
Course of 3 Face and Neck: £1,990