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Tri Body Treatment

Tri Body Treatment

Tri body is a 3-way treatment created for the body using Prime X by Alma Lasers. It consists of Ultrasound for fat reduction, Radio Frequency for skin tightening and manual lymphatic drainage for further sculpting. 

This revolutionary treatment starts with a consultation to evaluate the client's lifestyle needs and goals. During the consultation, measurements of the targeted area (such as the stomach, flanks, front of thighs, back of thighs, or back of the arms) are taken. Next, a new type of ultrasound technology (Cold Ultrasound Shear technology) is used to selectively target fat cells while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. Following this, controlled Radio Frequency (RF) energy is applied. The 90-minute session concludes with a manual lymphatic drainage to help with water retention.

Course of 6 recommended.

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90 mins

Treatment notes:

Course of 6: £1,990

Ideal for:

Front of thighs
Back of thighs
Back of arms